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Nov 26, 2019

Life 1:15

Get to Know the Gamer - Emma 5:49


24:46 Nine Tiles Panic 

30:42 Codenames

34:40 It's a Wonderful World

39:27 Sabotage

Trending Topics - AMAs 46:00

Queer News - Kristen Stewart 47:26

Nov 18, 2019

It's our 21st! and Nintendo made this week magical by dropping Pokémon Sword and Shield and it's all we've been playing and talking about.  But of course, we will not forget our other love, board games.  We do a deep dive of the game Quirky Circuits by Plaid Hat games and get to know Ian Moss and the games he's...

Nov 11, 2019

This week we get to know a bit more about publisher, designer, and content creator, Omari Akil! Then, we discuss games that we’ve been playing recently. After that, we discuss accessibility in Europe and go deeper on Theo’s experience of it as a person with a disability. We finish things up by talking about the...

Nov 4, 2019

We are back from Spiel, the biggest board gaming convention in the world with a ton of games, a suitcase of memories and a big announcement!


Life and a Big Announcement! 0:45

Get to Know the Gamer-Kyle Ferrin 5:05

Boardgames - Games from Essen we loved 14:25

Deep Blue 18:00

Paranormal Detective 22:10

Vita Mors 37:16